AI Art Generator, AI Image Generator API (2023)

  • What are the benefits of the award?

    Premium generates images in 3-5 seconds. Other advantages include: better images for custom sizes, commercial use, no daily limit, no ads, and privacy.

    With Premium, the results are private. Free creations are publicly viewable atAI Art Gallery. Premium images are processed in 1-2 seconds on powerful servers; the time credit depends on your network speed.

  • What is "vary"?

    "Vary" tells our AI to generate different images even if you reuse the same text.

  • Can I use graphics commercially?

    and you toobuy creditor buy a license.

    Please note that this only entitles you to use Hotpot's software and services for commercial purposes. This does not constitute copyright or intellectual property protection. Neither can we guarantee uniqueness, nor can Photoshop. It is conceivable that someone could make something comparable to other software, as well as any logo or graphic could be reproduced.

    Treat Hotpot like a digital assistant that inspires creativity and automates the heavy lifting, not like someone checking compliance with intellectual property laws.

    Ultimately, it is your responsibility to create unique graphics and comply with the law. For easy chart customization, use ourKI-Art-Remixerto unique style creations.

  • Can you guarantee unique creations?

    No service can guarantee exclusivity, but ours canKI-Art-Remixerallows you to make each creation unique. Custom launch images also add to the uniqueness.

    Even if we prevent others from reusing your identical ad, other people can use similar ads and get similar results. If another chart looks 90% the same, is yours unique? The safest approach is to treat Hotpot as a digital assistant that improves your workflow, someone who helps with brainstorming and automates the heavy lifting, but not someone who kills the creative process.

  • Are AI images copyrighted?

    The question remains technically open. Courts have given conflicting opinions and are reviewing several cases.

    However, if users can protect iPhone photos created at the touch of a button and powered by AI technology, it seems logical and consistent to allow copyrights for AI images and art.

    Hotpot licenses only permit commercial use of the Hotpot software. These licenses do not constitute copyright or any form of intellectual property.

  • Why do some terms require an award?

    Some users spam hotpot with certain keywords. While we want to offer a generous free tier, a few bad people ruin everyone's experience. If the spam continues, we may have to put everything behind a paywall.

  • What are the conditions and restrictions?

    In short, no harm. Do not use AI to harm others, incite violence, or do anything malicious. Use Hotpot forever and you'll be fine. Call it the AI-Hotocratic Oath. :)

    Users must comply with ourConditionsand watchresponsible handling. Violators risk termination of account and are not eligible for a refund.

    General technology offers the potential for advancement and abuse. Ultimately, the story is crystal clear: from printing to computers, the limitations of common technology only limit human potential. Human problems must be solved at the human level, not at the technological level.

    Help us ensure responsible use; Use Hotpot for the good of society.

  • this is art?

    Art is not defined by the means of production. For this reason, hand-drawn paintings by first graders are not considered art, professional illustrators made with Adobe software. In ourFounder's Opinion, Art is opinion that moves the soul, while high art is opinion that moves the spirit.

    What counts is the opinion, not the media.

    Imagine hiring an art student and dedicating every brushstroke, every color, every detail of a painting to him. Sharpen that angle. Make this line thicker. Add purple. The student carries out the commands robotically. Who is the artist: you or the student?

    AI can't offer that level of precision today, but it can inspire creativity and generate compelling ideas for refinement, much like a young employee makes suggestions to an experienced manager.

    In short, maybe the raw AI output doesn't qualify as art (someone consults the mind of Supreme Court Justice Potter Stewart), but there's no reason the joint output between you and the AI ​​couldn't.

  • Good. But is this AI smart?

    as our founderaffirmed, Debates about intelligence are semantic quicksand because the concept is elusive. (Try defining intelligence algorithmically.)

    These pointless discussions divert attention from the two most critical questions: (1) Can humans benefit from AI? (2) Can humans control AI?

    Intelligence is not correlated with effectiveness. Viruses aren't alive (well...), much less intelligent, but even the devil envies how these pathogens are sweeping across countries and polarizing society. Farm tractors are incredibly stupid, but they made it possible for mankind to avoid themMalthusian predictionsfrom perishing and feeding billions of people. (Malthus must have been super funny. Boyfriend: "Thomas, good morning!" Thomas: "Bad day! Could be the last one. Man! Bad, bad morning!" Wife: "Boobear, do you want to go for a walk? So brilliantly romantic today Night." Thomas: "Pah, lady, pah. I have to save calories for the great famine." Wife: "Mum, the winter air is bitterly cold. Hold me. Keep me warm." Thomas: "Bah. Shaking makes you stronger .")

    Please don't get sucked into the hysteria about AI sensitivity. Google's model is no more responsive than the Magic 8-Ball (which is awesome and predicted you'd be reading this). Surprising, in the age of clickbait articles and scandal artists, shallow attempts at attention. . . attracted attention with startling but patently false claims.

  • How should we regulate AI?

    Like any powerful technology, AI can be both powerful and harmful.

    If you're struggling to balance the risk/reward tradeoff, how would you regulate the press?

    The Communist Manifesto and Mein Kampf brought death and misery to millions and set humanity back decades.

  • Will AI replace humans?

    If you believe that, use Siri. (No Siri, no! I said check the Warriors score. I did NOT say call my mother-in-law.)

    Seriously, we see AI as "augmented intelligence" rather than "artificial intelligence" — technology that augments humans. One day researchers may invent common intelligence and replace humans, but that day is neither today nor tomorrow.

    Until then, AI can empower people by stimulating creativity and automating heavy lifting. Those who reject machine learning are missing out on the amount of repetition that cripples the creative process and human endeavors, including art and programming.

    Analyze your work activities. How many of these are boring? If your company hired a junior for these tasks, even 30% of them so you could focus on more meaningful tasks, would you like that? Welcome to the dazzling promise of AI.

    Even if general intelligence never materializes, AI holds the tantalizing prospect of automating tasks for knowledge workers the way machines automate tasks for farm workers. These machines weren't intelligent and didn't eliminate pawns, but they did increase skills and unlock historical levels of social achievement. Without technology, it would be impossible to feed the 8 billion people alive today, and somewhere in the sky of outrage Thomas Malthus would stick his finger in everyone's face and exclaim, "I told you so! I told you!" "

    Honestly, this augmented intelligence scenario seems more viable and attractive. A world in which AI works independently of humans could usher in an era of unimaginable risks. But a world where AI maximizes each person's potential could lead to unprecedented levels of happiness, health and wealth.

  • Is Web3 a useful technology or a massive scam?

    Certainly. longer answerHere.

  • What's so great about AI?

    That ironically, at least until 2023, machines will be more creative than logical. And, of course, that humans are the only ones prone to binary thinking, while machines are fluent in analog thinking.

  • Why are AI art generators controversial?

    AI Art Generatorsthey are controversial for forces familiar to every historian: Disruptive technology threatens jobs, which of course fuels resentment and fear.

    From daguerreotype cameras to Photoshop and smartphone cameras, technology is transforming society in profound ways. Joseph Schumpeter describes this as "creative destruction", more precisely as "destructive creation". Ultimately, disruptive technologies like AI Art Generator create a healthier and more prosperous society by enabling automation and skill-sharing for more people. This naturally makes some people feel threatened and lash out in fear. This cycle repeats itself consistently over time.

    The public education of artists has been on the rise for millennia. Each art generation learns and is inspired by the previous one. Think of artists who learn to create by studying specific buildings, favorite cartoons, popular characters, and other sources of artistic knowledge. Public machine training has been going on for decades, and modern marvels like the iPhone or Google would be severely hampered or perhaps not at all feasible without this knowledge sharing.

    Ultimately, with the development and proliferation of disruptive technologies, society is moving forward, clumsy and shocking, but forward. Think of progression as a river that begins narrow and widens, where currents wash away the skills and amenities available only to the elite at the narrow estuary and magically carry them along the riverbank. Decades ago, only the elite knew how to write, read, and enjoy running water. Years ago, only the rich could use computers. Technology has eliminated these crippling inequalities and progressively transformed the elite lifestyle into a normal one. Art is an amazing skill and requires immense talent, but the ability to draw is available to few. Expression is a fundamental human value. AI promises to give expression to everyone.

  • Is it bad that AI chatbots hallucinate and spread misinformation?

    Absolutely. Fact formation (small talk for lies) is a major concern and will be addressed. There are several approaches to combating AI hallucinations (speech art for lies). We expect this to be mostly fixed in the near future.

    While this criticism is theoretically valid, it is misguided and often smacks of brazen opportunism. AI is an emerging raw technology. Nobody is happy with the current situation. Leading labs strive to correct errors and eliminate obvious risks like hallucinations.

    Hallucinatory people, on the other hand, pose a much greater threat to today's society. Namely: Bob feigns experience, speaking confidently on subjects outside of his expertise. Bob's knowledge is limited to 2021 or earlier. Is Bob a Media Personality...or an AI Chatbot?

    Let’s also demand more from AI and humans, especially those on social media or television who thrive on attention and outrage.

  • Burger or fries first?

    Apples, always Apples. Moron.

    If you've ever wondered, "Why are these FAQs suddenly talking about french fries?", dear reader, you're lost. He was discovered to be a non-human, most likely an AI robot sent from the future (or maybe a Magic 8-Ball in human form). Expect the FBI to knock on the door at any moment.

    This question, posed by the renowned German professor Albee Esse, is considered the quintessence of the test method for determining whether someone is human or not: people instinctively shout “Pommes Frites!”. then you go out to eat, which leads to moments of guilt at the gym, leads to potato chip fantasies, and renews the never-ending cycle. Illogical behavior defines the human species.

    Read the study for yourself:the conclusionsThey are shocking and hard to believe.

  • French fries or ice cream? You can only choose one.

    Don't ask mortals to do the impossible. It can break people. Balancing ambition and ability is one of the keys to happiness, and it's beyond our capabilities.

    Unknown Historical Fact: The inspiration for Rodin's famous sculpture, The Thinker, was to capture the fear of thinking about this question. This problem is very dangerous and can break souls if not treated gently. Please do not attempt to reply unless you are a licensed professional.

  • Fan or hater of skinny jeans?

    Enemy. Big time. Like Superman vs. Lex Luthor. Deadly Enemies.

    We hate skinny jeans for two reasons: (1) we can't wear them; and (2) we cannot turn them off. Our thick thighs and big buttocks stand in our way. After 10 minutes of struggle and exertion we can have them up to our thighs, then 10 minutes later up to our knees and finally gone in 30 minutes, at this point we're so frustrated we've probably already taken our socks off. Well, socks and underwear. . The only benefit is that the process burns 500 calories.

    Skinny jeans are a global conspiracy to make men empathize. Men don't identify enough with the sacrifices women make to appear attractive. The demoralizing diets, the suffocating bras, the sore heels. Society even normalizes the idea that women's natural faces are unacceptable; They have to wear masks in the form of makeup every day. These different expectations represent bumps in the race of life and slow women down while we men in baggy, overly comfortable jogging pants whiz by in the back lane.

    Fed up with it, women all over the world jumped onto Google Plus (because nobody uses it) and hatched an evil plan to share the pain. To make us understand.

    Next up are men's bras. They promise fuller, shapelier pecs, but feel as tight as a boa constrictor wrapped around your chest. There are rumors that mras could fall next winter. (If you are part of the Skinny Jean Illuminati, please, please, please don't let this happen. We beg you.)

  • How should society deal with AI stereotypes?

    Treat AI for what it is: an immature technology. AI art generators are not wise old men. These are raw technologies with the potential to empower billions of people, but also perpetuate harmful stereotypes. People across the industry are striving to tame AI and eliminate bias, but those solutions won't materialize for a while.

    The best way to combat stereotypes, be it from artificial intelligence, news or television, is at the human level and comes with two principles.

    First, no two people are the same (exceptZach Braff und Dax Shepard, who are believed to be the same person wearing different colored contact lenses). As society diversifies, it becomes even more difficult to represent the overwhelming diversity of human groups. For example, should a Netflix show about Chinese Americans contain Cantonese or Mandarin? Should the food reflect Nordic or Southern cuisine? (No, Panda Express is not a valid option.)

    Second, everyone has the potential to become anything or do anything. Never let a lack of representation in artificial intelligence, on the news, or on television suggest otherwise. Unless your goal is to become our boss and let us choose between fries and ice cream. Do not do that. Do not be mean.

  • You're nervous for a tech startup. What gives?

    The truth is. In the digital startup jungle, life can fluctuate between success and failure on a daily basis. At one point, you fly into an IPO. The next, you run into the trash can. The constant swinging chaos between boom and bust is incredibly exhausting and requires extreme mental toughness. Unless you are SBF and FTX. So all it takes is $40 million and a few politicians.

    Hotpot's resilience comes from our founder, whose difficult childhood forged a steely sense of purpose.

    Maybe you just need to know that he's the Palo Alto Chess Club's only three-time Baddest Bad Boy winner. Were it not for the unimaginably painful paper cuts that required hospitalization, experts would agree that she would have unanimously conquered her room. Even more surprising was that he was willing to risk it all, but doctors warned that those paper cuts weren't ordinary injuries. Not only did they get in the way of his checkmate fingers, they even threatened to draw blood. He struggled to advance, but his doctors recommended immediate treatment and ended his career as the baddest bad boy.

    How do you develop the courage to face the silhouette? Cole Haans grew up in harsh and unforgiving Palo Alto, where winter temperatures plummet below 60 degrees and seniors are often seen walking to school in the final season. Where minorities walk into a shop and say "Hello!" can be welcomed. even if it's only 11:58. and obviously it's still morning. Ah, the lies! A scam. Like uneducated animals, the people of Palo Alto's grim neighborhoods spend their afternoons sleeping not on silk sheets but on Egyptian cotton.

    Faced with this barbaric landscape, his parents tried to give him and his siblings another layer of roots. So she grew up braving those frigid winters wearing nothing but merino wool. No cashmere. It's also not the innovative kind that can be machine washed, but the wild kind of laundry that has to be hand washed (by housekeeping). There were no monitors at home. Instead of fighting like normal kids with three monitors, the brothers were forced to split and one would - sigh! - Program on a single 32 inch monitor.

    Ultimately, nothing builds character quite like overcoming hunger. Because his personal chef insisted on taking weekends off, he eventually learned to subsist on leftover caviar and lobster and drink sparkling water. She almost threw up the first time her lips touched food that was more than 2 hours old, but she's trained her microbiome tenaciously and now proudly enjoys any type of food as long as it's imported from Japan or France.

    Forbes recognized these incredible achievements by including him in Forbes exclusive 1 billion under 1 billion list. Your next ambitious goal? Maintain a Costco membership for more than three consecutive years. (Stay back, critic: It all seems easy until you try.)

    FOLLOW HIMon Twitter for more impressive achievements.

  • Is it appropriate to call yourself a “visionary” on LinkedIn?

    Absolutely not. It's pretentious and silly.

    Unless you do it in third person.

    Calling yourself a visionary is often a misstep. But doing so in the third person reveals disinterest, an extraordinary desire to put yourself in the other person's shoes and see the world from a different perspective. This empathy balances arrogance and makes them socially acceptable. Assuming her name is Albee Esse, the UNSIHMA (United and Not Sensitive International Hall Monitor Association) recommended approach is: as a visionary who surprises people with humility and genius."

    However, be careful. The bar for visionaries is higher than ever.

    When it's 8pm. M. and you boldly announce that in 8 minutes all the clocks will suddenly read 8:08, do not wait for others to be impressed and ask for a joint photo. If you're at Starbucks and you accurately predict that a stranger will call out your name without warning and hand you a hot drink, don't expect applause and screams of "Wow! Great! Yet again!". If you keep doing this to educate mortals about your supernatural talent, don't expect people to appreciate your genius, but expect to meet the manager, who will politely ask you to leave and never come back. After all, if you prophesied that going out of restaurants without paying would make waiters scream in anger and call the police, this is no longer celebrated as "seeing the future first" but treated as "breaking the law." .

    Remember that every strength is a weakness. If you are more aligned with the future, you are likely less aligned with the present. Your thoughts may be so focused on the future that in the present moment you don't realize that the woman speaking to you and gesturing at you isn't saying, "Handsome, handsome, can I get your autograph and a few drops of sweat sell?" on eBay? for $8 billion?" it's more like, "Your zipper is unzipped and everyone can see your Spider-Man underwear. Why would a grown man wear Spider-Man underwear? Grown men should wear Ironman briefs."

  • If your friend Confucius were alive today, would he still be a philosopher?

    NO. I don't practice. Modern philosophers make very little money. They would have to choose between fries and salted caramel ice cream when they went to dinner. And that would unleash a torrent of unhealthy philosophies about why they specialize in a subject that doesn't stand up to the necessities of life like potato chips and salted caramel ice cream.

    So what... poet? Physicist? reality star? All reasonable assumptions, but all wrong. Confucius would be a rapper.

    It would be the Chinese version of Biggie. Think about it. Confucius, of course, fulfills many of the rapper's requirements: lots of groupies (they were called concubines back then); bad English grammar; excess jewelry; obese enough to identify with the average American, but not so obese as to die of heart complications and put a lucrative career on hold; and of course inspire people with words. All he needs is a pair of gold teeth, a nice car, and a silly clever name like con.fu.zius. Instant Fame.

  • My god, you're a racist. You belittled a billion people.

    Following the Chris Rock/Black Comedian principle, we are authorized by UNSIHMA (United and Not Sensitive International Hall Monitor Association) to mock Chinese and sometimes Mongolians without disturbing anyone as we are Chinese American ourselves.

    And according to the principle of how to survive in life, we respectfully suggest not to bother with the corporate FAQ of startups named after Chinese food. Who names an AI company after food?

    Nevertheless, we are pleased that you take us seriously. Because none of our friends and family know. We're completely ignored every day, possibly for doing stupid things like naming an AI company after lunch. Still, it hurts so much when we run after them and yell, "Hey, can we go outside? Can we have lunch? Can you stop running so fast?” and they stare at us in horror before invoking Usain Bolt's powers and fleeing like human cheetahs.

    Don't take us seriously.

  • You are still racist. I am angry. Console me.

    Discrimination and prejudice against Asians are real threats to society. We use satire to highlight the issue while hoping to generate debate and insight. Most people don't like a prudish cake, but humor can act as an unobtrusive vehicle for awareness and contemplation.

    Not to mention, corporate FAQs are excruciatingly boring, so forgive the urge to indulge in humor and irreverence.

    If you want to know more about discrimination against Asians, here are sobering facts: Chinese have been barred by law from immigrating to the United States, have been declared "inferior" by courts and government agencies, and have been denied many basic rights, even the ability to do so testify in court. China's Exclusion Act, the first law to ban an ethnic group, remains one of the most shameful episodes in American history.

    What prompted the infamous Chinese Exclusion Law? People feared giving jobs to Chinese immigrants. The parallels to today's AI scaremongering are both frightening and unsettling.

  • When AI takes over your job, what will you do?

    We will imitate our idol, the inimitable Derek Zoolander, and go from engineers to male models.

    In preparation, we spent weekends practicing our ambiguity skills, i.e. turning left and right with equal grace. We have an outstanding right-hander talent, but the left-hander was a challenge. However, we are getting closer to our ambitious goal of making 88 left turns without getting dizzy or eating ice cream. wish us luck

    But we are not satisfied with breaking ambitious records. We want to combine our love of technology and fashion and revolutionize the industry as AI-powered mullet models. We will present Mullets with a revolutionary design and unprecedented attention to user experience. Our patent-pending technology will feature self-aware technology embedded in each hair that can read minds and transform when needed. Would you like to see mullets shaped like a balloon dog? I'm just thinking about it. Want a dog balloon on the front and a Bad Bad Chess Boy on the back? Completed. Yes, you read that right: double molded mullet. At Hotpot we don't think small.

  • How come Chinese people can make fun of white people, but white people can't make fun of Chinese people?

    It's unfair to be honest. It's racist when whites make fun of minorities, but "funny" when minorities make fun of whites. (There's a reasonable explanation for this double standard, but let's put that aside for now, as race is a highly charged topic that defies objective analysis even among unbiased thinkers, and we're just an AI company named after foods is that no one takes it seriously.

    At the same time, the whites forced us to build railroads for free. Worse, you're responsible for Barry Manilow, the Mullet, the Priceline Negotiator ads, and the degradation of the '80s Transformers animated series.

    To reiterate, this is satire. Please don't be offended. racism is wrong To nobody. Also, no one should be punished for the transgressions of their ancestors. Why double standards exist is a separate and deeply complex topic that doesn't fit into the satirical FAQ.

  • Can you promote my art or NFT?

    Yes. Please tag us belowbloodjInstagramif you want to show off your amazing Hotpot creations.

    We love nurturing people with compelling stories and great art that have contributed to Hotpot. Tag us, share details about your background, your work and how Hotpot has helped you. We will do our best to share your story on social media and with journalists.

  • I'm on a budget. Can you offer a discount?

    Sim,contact us. Ourprice philosophyit helps the poor and challenges the rich.

  • FAQs

    AI Art Generator, AI Image Generator API? ›

    The rendered images are created by a software called Lensa which was created by Prisma AI.

    What AI art generator is everyone using on Tiktok? ›

    The rendered images are created by a software called Lensa which was created by Prisma AI.

    What is the most accurate AI art generator? ›

    Bing Image Creator is the best overall AI image generator due to it being powered by OpenAI's latest DALL-E technology. Like DALL-E 2, Bing Image Creator combines accuracy, speed, and cost-effectiveness and can generate high-quality images in just a matter of seconds.

    Can I generate NSFW images with Midjourney? ›

    Some well-known AI art generators like Midjourney, stable diffusion and dalle 2 have NSFW content filter. However, there are still some creative ones which generate adult art and images as you wish.

    Which AI image generator is free? ›

    Canva (Web, Android, iOS): Free AI Image Generator by the Popular Design App. Canva is one of the most popular photo-editing and designing apps for the web and smartphones. Like Picsart, it has also plunged into the AI world with a free AI art generator of its own.


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