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I have been announcing for weeks that I will be writing a post on CPA PERT enablement competency examples. The more I want to write it, the more afraid I am to write it. I have a love-hate relationship with my PERT posts. For one, I know how much you appreciate it when I share my PERT experiences (successes and failures). On the other hand, I can't help but worry about providing misleading or useless information. I was recently talking to a friend about the fact that we haven't received any warning about the difficulties with PERT. Although I did not write the CFE, I have been convinced by the experiences of many others that PERT via EVR can be more difficult (much harder for some) than passing the CFE.

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However, as with all of my CPA posts, I am sharing my experiences in the hope that they may help you in some way. Please note that these experiences were reported prior to the changes taking effect on April 1, 2021 for CPABC applicants. Also, my experiences serve to inspire you to reflect on your own experiences and try to connect them with applicable competencies. I have to remind us of all that.CPA accepts plagiarismvery serious.

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In what professions have I gained this empowering experience of competence?

I have these skills empowerment experiences in my job as aPA stafffor a software company and howcorporate accountantfor a telecommunications company. I have talked about getting PERT qualifying experience in entry level accounting jobs like AP in myExamples of technical competencepost. To strengthen the competence, I would like to emphasize that it is even more feasible for them to reach at least level 1, since they focus on self-reflection and interpersonal skills (eg teamwork, self-management). You may not be able to prepare financial statements as an AP employee (although in my case I had the opportunity to prepare some smaller parts when I worked at AP), but you will definitely have the opportunity to work with a team or communicate with people from a different department. to yours.

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Reference:Ontario Public Accountant

Before I dive into my examples, here are the five CPA values. This will be helpful to you, as most enablement skills will ask you to describe the CPA phrase that is most appropriate for your situation.

  • professional behavior
  • integrity and diligence
  • objectivity
  • professional competence
  • confidentiality

Looking for a complete guide to PERT with complete level 1 and 2 answer examples, tips, templates, and more? Look mineCPA PERT Guides!

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VOCATIONAL TRAINING | Teaching principles PART 1

Examples of CPA PERT Enabling Competencies

Solve problems and add value (Stage 1)

Task: I had to make a bank transfer payment abroad because the start of a construction project depended on receipt of payment; The challenge was that the thread was rejected multiple times for unknown (at the time) reasons.

shipping level 1

Of course, direct payment via international bank transfer is nothing special. As an AP employee, I've earned over 1,000 of them. However, I reported this example because it was complicated (due to rejections), urgent (the construction project depended on it), and required coordination with multiple stakeholders (finance and other department). I first identified the problem I needed to solve (basically getting the money to the recipient), the stakeholders involved (finance, the other department the project was intended for, etc.) and the bank support). I continued to discuss the impact of my actions and what I learned from them (stay calm and keep everyone informed).

Solve problems and create value (Level 2)

Task: The finance team did not set a fixed deadline for the submission of personnel expenses; As a result, the finance department often had to process the late filing to include the reimbursement in the next payroll.

Stage 2 Shipping

I first identified the problem (unnecessary stress on the finance team, as we often had to process expense reports that were submitted and approved at the last minute). I then detailed my analysis of the possible solutions I found (describing the solution and its advantages and disadvantages). I then explained the reasons for my recommendation, which was eventually accepted by my manager. In my answer, I made sure to link the appropriate CPA amount. As with most key competencies, I also looked at the impact my actions had on my business and what I learned from my experience.

Self-management: participate in professional development (level 1)

Task: Career goals in the next 3-5 years and how to achieve them

shipping level 1

Since this varies greatly from person to person, I'll share how I structured my answer. First, I listed my career goals in detail. For example, I have set a goal to be promoted from AP Senior Secretary to AP Leader in the next 6 months and write my CFE next year. Then I talked about where I want to be after that. I followed up with specific actions I took to get there. I like to play at a consistently high level and take on additional responsibilities to broaden the scope of my abilities. I then outlined my action plan for the foreseeable future aimed at achieving those career goals (I discuss it with my manager later).

Communication - Adjust communication to the needs of the target group (Level 1)

Task: It was no longer possible to create an online training platform for employees joining the AP team as we transitioned to full-time work-from-home and face-to-face training

shipping level 1

I first established why this training platform is needed (work from home, new team member). I then discussed why I needed to make sure my presentation met the needs of the audience (someone with limited knowledge of the company, operations, and finances). I described the steps I took to ensure that the presentation was easy to use, contained enough information, and was easily accessible. I also discussed the impact not having this online training platform would have on my team and the entire department. Finally, I reflected on what I learned from this experience.

Working together and leading: planning and managing teams and projects effectively (Level 1)

Task: My manager requested assistance with a last minute audit request that was business critical while my team was understaffed and already scheduled for other tasks

shipping level 1

I detailed my steps to try to understand the urgency of the task (I found it was business critical to the audit so it had to be completed that day), coordinate with the rest of my team (I found it was on everyone's agenda ) and evaluating our priorities (some of the tasks scheduled for that day may be postponed). I then explained how I received approval from my supervisor to complete the task more efficiently and meet the auditor's request. I shared what I learned from the experience (the importance of working with the team and reassessing priorities as necessary) and how my company benefited from my action (the audit request was completed on time despite the tight deadline).

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