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25790, 25787, 25782, 25783, 25786, 25781, 25732, 25779, 25791, 25784


10309, 12732, 15346, 15480, 16183, 17467, 17694, 18751, 18771, 19161, 19162, 19410, 19411, 19467, 19665, 19733, 20584, 20586, 20598. 21704, 21742, 21754, 22337, 22339, 22340, 22673, 23262, 23288, 23480, 23552, 24230, 24290, 24375, 24387, 24413, 24415, 24491


BLACK SPACE RIDERS - WE HAVE BEEN HERE BEFORE CD DBL (Heavy Space Psych)Label:BLACK SPACE Discover an exciting musical journey through sound, space and time on 2 CDs, 15 tracks, over 84 minutes ... the band's perfect sound for you private movie. Everything that the BSR fan loves about this band is there and also some new things to discover. The clues: from succinct to exuberant, from
shocking to massive. The music is filled with great love for melodies, atmosphere, rhythm and arrangements: sometimes quiet and dreamy, then increasingly intricately flowing into powerful riffs. FFO: Porcupine Tree, Killing Joke, Tool, Motorpsycho, Mastodon, Anathema, Baroness, Monster Magnet, Faith No More, Alice In Chains, Crippled Black Phoenix. €18 item number: 25790

KALEVALA - PEOPLE NO NAMES (1972 Progressive Rock) Label: SVART 50th Anniversary Reissue! Kalevala, and their debut album People No Names in particular, is a prime example of a record that should have been a hit, sold only a handful and was only later re-evaluated as a masterful epic of progressive rock. Originally released and unmarketed in 1972 on Finnlevy, then one of Finland's biggest record labels, no more than 500 copies of the original album were pressed. €19 SKU: 25787

ROBOX-ST (Post-Punk Power Trio) – Label: OVERDRIVE Robox is a power trio making highly effective instrumental music, a combination of furious post-punk and strong progressive rock ambitions. The band consists of Francesco Cescato on electric bass, Franz Valente (Buñuel, snare drum Exorcism) on drums and Carlo Veneziano (Orfaust, Julinko) on guitar. €15 SKU: 25782

SPACE COKE - LUNACY (Georgia Psychedelic Rock Outfit) Label: FORBIDDEN PLACE 2022 Space Coke Album, Savannah, Georgia Psychedelic Rock Outfit. Including Danzig cover. Limited to 100 copies. €19 SKU: 25783

PLATE SHIFT - UK TECTONIC ROCK RARITIES (heavy UK Underground) Label: AUDIO ARCHIVES An extremely powerful compilation of some of the UK Underground's heaviest bands from the early 70's. Highlights include a rare and previously unreleased track from Clear Blue Sky, the wild and never-before-heard proto-metal “Green Skies” by the Flying Hat Band, and a 17-minute live version of the Welsh legends' “Rocking Man”. . budgie . Comes with free sticker.
COMPO-CD $16 SKU:25786

AFFINITY-ST (British cult prog blues of the 1970s) Label: BONFIRE full license, limited to 500 copies in folding sleeve. The only album by the British progressive blues cult group. Originally released in 1970 on the influential Vertigo label, their self-titled album remains one of the most original works on the British jazz rock scene. Led by Linda Hoyle, a powerhouse singer who sounds like a cross between Carol King and Julie Driscoll, the line-up included Mo Foster (bass), Mike Jupp (12-string and electric guitar), Lynton Naiff (keyboards) and Grant Serpell (drums). ) and drums). Its eclectic mix was truly appealing and carried through with a certain psychedelic feel, thanks in part to the ubiquitous Hammond organ. A unique achievement that definitely made history. LP$34 SKU:25781

ALKANA - WELCOME TO MY PARADISE (1978, long-lost hard rock gem) Records:SURVIVAL Formed in the biker hangout of San Bernardino, east of Los Angeles, Alkana focused on the voice and lyrics of future Warlord frontman Jack Rucker and on the guitar. Danny Alkana's pyrotechnics, which borrowed heavily from the styles of Boston's Tom Scholz and Deep Purple's Richie Blackmore, bassist Craig Williams and drummer Donny McLaughlin keep the rhythms fast and furious. "California Rock 'n' Roll Queen" and the psycho-epic "The Tower" have the sort of Golden State rock majesty of Van Halen or Journey, and there are also overtones from Granmax, Asia and Judas Priest. Originally released in 1978 on the Baby Bird label, this is a lost hard rock gem, ready to be rediscovered! LP$28 item number: 25732

CANNABIS - EFUERZO CONJUNTO (Early '70s Psycho-Rock) Label: SURVIVAL RESEAR Rhode Island rock band Cannabis is another of those legendary bands that disappeared in the blink of an eye. With just one album and single to their name, released on the ephemeral Amphion Seahorse label, the band's signature style of keyboard-based rock and harmonic psychedelia deserved a wider audience, as evidenced by the high prices for copies. this excellent LP. They're at their best on songs like "See You In The Morning" and "Sleeping Bride," both of which show a strong late-period Beatles influence. Another lost gem to be rediscovered and of interest to all fans of early 70's melodic psychological rock. LP $28 SKU: 25779

WINGED EI - DR. SIEGEL'S FRIED EGG SHOOTING MACHINE (1972 psych prog) - Label: COSMIC ROCK 1972 debut album of a Japanese cult group! This incredible psychedelic/progressive rock band was formed the same year after Shigeru Narumo and Hiro Tsunoda abandoned their Strawberry Path project (they released a single album in 1971 and eventually a 7 inch album). Their sound is pure adrenaline, a kind of heavy and boisterous blues, with heavy Hammond organ riffs and more of a freakbeat influence. Partly inspired by their contemporaries, British bands like Deep Purple and Uriah Heep embraced gentler, more sophisticated arrangements of the soulful ballad "I Love You" with epic strings. The hypothetical single "Plastic Fantasy" could have been an alternative dancefloor classic with that Traffic/Brian Auger twist at the end. LP$30 SKU:25791

THEE ESCAPEES - BREAKING OUT (Inspired by '60s garage beat trash) Records: SPINOUT NUGGETS Thee Escapees are a trio of breakouts who regroup to create and perform musical events, some now set to two continuous beats are. Inspired by the garage beat trash sounds of the 60's, with a mix of rhythm & blues and a breathtaking rock 'n' roll groove! Based in London, England, they have played in a few crack bands over the years and recently decided to join forces to form this powerful garage beat trio. Featuring Alan Walshe on somber lead vocals, screeching guitar and organ (sometimes Lancashire Bombers, The Trick Noise Makers, The SD5, The Voyd and others), Dave Prince adeptly handling his vintage Trixon Speedfire drums, vocals and screams. (sometime with The Voo-Dooms, Lancashire Bombers, The Untamed, The Sundowners, and also The Hi-Fi's and Diamond Daddio's) and Mark 'Fazza' Farrington on bass and vocals (formerly with Long Tall Shorty and Joe Public), Thee Escapees met at Jim Riley's Ranscombe Studios in Medway and this is the result. Since recording, Mark 'escaped' and Sean 'Cookie Boy' Pereira have joined Dave and Alan on bass (also of The Spellbinder Project). His influences are The Vibes, The Yardbirds, Nine Below Zero, The Milkshakes, The Sonics and Bo Diddley. picture received? LP$26 item number: 25784


SUNNY SPELLS - feat. CHAD AND JEREMY (yellow) Label: FRUITS DE MER 'Sunny Spells' is a 7" EP for the upcoming extended CD set 'The Three Seasons', featuring four tracks from this set, featuring recordings by Chad & Jeremy (yes, THE Chad & Jeremy), Schizo Fun Addict, Hanford Flyover and Us and Them Four charming retellings of classic '60s songs Chad & Jeremy give us a stunning unplugged version of their own "Rest In Peace", originally off their wonderful 1960s album 'Of Cabbages And Kings', perfectly executed, it really is as if the last 50 years never happened, let alone 40. The first Fruits de Mer band, Schizo Fun Addict, displays a delicacy of touch you might not have seen coming with a new take on Mamas and Papas' classic 'Dedicated To The One I Love', 'Just Another Day' and Scandinavian duo 'Us and Them' round it out with a typically melancholic rendition of Neil Young's 'O what hast' you done with my life?'. The cover artwork is by John Hurford. 45RPM $10 SKU:21704

TIMEMAZINE - # 10 PLUS CD E 7” Label: The Split 7” includes Vibravoid's “TimeMazine Woman” and Echo Train's Portland 69 Special 10th Anniversary Edition of psychedelic fanzines across the '60s and beyond. 100 pages in A4 format (uncopied) in laminated hardcover. All texts in English. Contents: Interviews with Johnny Echols from Love, Aleck Janoulis from The Nightshadows, Astral Son, Big Foot (solo project by Dor Koren, singer/bassist of the psychedelic band Tree from Israel) and Sir Robin & The Longbowmen (Germany), 1967-2017 : Thoughts and Memories from the Minds of the 60s, Dennis Loren: 'Clothing Music in Graphic Designs for 50 Years', Nick Kontogouris' 'Summer Of Love' (Everything You Wanted to Know About Hasbury & Swinging London), 67 Singles Garage - Psych 1967 (how psychedelia was infused in the garage), 1967's 67 albums that defined, developed and established psychedelic rock), 1967's 67 singles Psych Freak Beat UK (by Nick Kontogouris), the story behind The Cs' Time Has Come Today's Hambers Brothers Reviews and LP/CD/EP/7". BOOKS & MAGAZINES $25 SKU:19467


A TORTURED SOUL - KISS OF THE THORN (100% Old School Heavy Metal) - Label: EYES LIKE SNOW Traditional, 100% Old School Heavy Metal for fans of Mercyful Fate and primitive Iced Earth, with touches of Black Sabbath, Judas Priest and Classic 80's American Metal + great hidden lyrics. €10 SKU: 20584

ABRAMIS BRAMA - LIVE! (70's style hard rock) Label: TRANSUBSTANS One of Sweden's biggest 70's style hard rock bands has released LIVE! recorded. 12 great songs, recorded in Stockholm, Oslo etc. in 2006. The CD also contains a new title, "I evighetens nav". Energetic straight forward stoner rock featuring catchy hooks, heavy riffs and rhythms and charismatic powerful vocals sung entirely in their native tongue. It's obvious that they're influenced by vintage 70's hard rock in the style of Swedish progressive hard rock legend November. Abramis Brama is one of the best hard rock/stoner bands of recent times. Don't hesitate, cross the Rubicon and experience an interesting sound journey. €12 item number: 22340

AKBAYRAM, EDIP -DOSTLAR- NEDIR NE DEGILDIR? (1970 Turkish Fuzz) Label: PHARAWAY SOUNDS As Turkey's political factions turned increasingly violent in the late 1970s, the Buscemi-eyed Edip Akbayram was almost beaten by the rioting public for daring to sing about rural views that he was of course critical of Istanbul. political leaders. This second album of Anatolian psychedelics, originally released in 1977, showed defiance even on its cover, with a drawing of the band members appearing to grow out of the ground, covered in plant vines. Akbayram stole members of Mogollar and Kurtalan Ekspres from Baris Mano to get the best fuzz cuts and hammond slams and put them right in their ears. The band also tried some mixes that featured vocals or a specific instrument, and of course a long, deep, resonant welcome from Edip's reverberant voice. €12 item number: 20586

ATHANOR - Flashback (Beatle'esque, Baffled Shrink) SAALE! Label: GUERSSEN Chicago, early 70's Greg Heriges is obsessed with Lennon, 12-string guitars and extremely psychedelic sounds. Rick Vittenson is a Beach Boys Hollies Who fan who writes for Crawdaddy! Magazine. Both had previously played in various college garage bands in the '60s. Combining their shared love of '60s music, Athanor was born. With the help of top studio musicians, they recorded and released three 45s between 1973 and 1975 (the first was produced by Mark Breyer, with whom Rick played in the pre-Skooshny Brevity band), which are now highly sought after by fans . of dark psychedelic pop. All of them are presented here in brilliant sound taken from the master tapes along with previously unreleased studio tracks and great sounding home demos (1973-1981) as well as a new song recorded in 2006 in the same style as their older recordings. Athanors' music features impressive composition and musicianship, a collision of Beatles harmonic vocals, Rickenbacker & Guild 12-string guitars, occasional fuzz-wah solos, Fender Rhodes and studio effects. Only Ones, Emitt Rhodes, Rockin Horse, Creme Soda.

BOLINE & TOMRERCLAUS- LA DOT (1976-1978) SAALE! Label: KARMA MUSIC La Dot' contains music in a kind of New Wave style, performed by Boline Erfurt and Tomrerclaus, recorded in the period 1976-'86. €12 item number: 21202

BORN LOSERS- CYCLE GUITARS (David Allen Style)SAALE!-Tag:MEAN DISPOSITION In an age of heavy record releases, it was a little strange that Born Losers - a popular and already veteran band, with three excellent and successful singles behind them - won belts - still hadn't waxed an album. It wasn't laziness, as the members dabbled in all sorts of side projects, and their debut LP confirmed that the Losers were ready for some top-notch R'n'R. The results are truly extraordinary. Far removed from their first influences - namely the sound of Davie Allan & The Arrows - the band maintain their idiosyncratic Sixties flair, but their credentials have increased. The Arrows' distinct influence from their early days has now been replaced by the Challengers' ideas or the Ventures' sound on their latest Dolton records/early Liberty waxes: raw R'n'R coupled with pop melodies, jazz touches and Cinematic music without ever falling into kitsch. The Born Losers emerge as clear winners with this latest offering. €10 SKU: 20655

CAL - Homegrown (60's/70's influenced psychedelic hard rock) -Records: OUT-SIDER Completely off the radar Private US pressing since 1982. 60's/70's influenced psychedelic hard rock full of distorted guitars and weird synths with some weird moments and a smooth one folk archive other psycho misfits like T Kail, D.R. Hooker, Marcus, Michelangelo...

Cal - also known as "Cal Rock & Roll" - was a band formed in New York in the mid '70s by some veteran club musicians: Larry Calabrese on guitar and vocals, Andy Barone on bass, Jerry Joly on drums/vocals and Jeffrey Gaer on keyboards. Famed for his powerful live shows - opening for Leslie West & Mountain was one of his highlights - Cal has built a loyal following, particularly among the biker crowd.
"Homegrown" was released in 1982 in a print run of 2,000 copies, most of which were discarded due to urgent glitches. The album was also mastered more slowly. Shortly thereafter, Larry met Todd Rundgren in a recording studio and expressed an interest in the band and some of their songs. The famous record label Sugarhill was also interested in adding Cal to their list, but nothing came of it in the end. So "Homegrown" fell into oblivion until some original copies were discovered by some drug dealers and collectors in the 90s.
* First legitimate reissue
* Booklet with detailed booklet and rare photos
* Remastered sound with corrected pitch/speed. €10 SKU: 21146

CHEEPSKATES- Live in Berlin (Powerpop)- Label: MUSIC MANIAC Recorded during the Berlin indie era. The CD has 3 bonus tracks. €5 item number: 18771

COOL GHOULS - AT GEORGE'S ZOO (San Francisco Garage Pop) - Notes: EMPTY CELLAR The San Francisco garage pop and rock band celebrates their 10th anniversary with the release of "At George's Zoo". This album will please fans of Beach Boys and Stooges alike! €17 SKU: 24415

CORBETT, DAVE & FRIENDS - STONED, BROKE & FED-UP (1973 trippy psych/jug band!) SALE! -Label: AUDIO FILES Here is an ultra-rare CD format album recorded in 1973 and originally pressed in limited edition on Deroy's own label and released in a rare oversized custom cover. The album contains 11 house songs with strong lead and backing vocals over acoustic and electric guitars as well as piano and harp. Some songs, e.g. The Head Weave from "Shattered Carpet" has a distinctive oriental feel, wacky psychology throughout, while others span band and folk areas. This title is recommended for names like Synanthesia, Panama Jug Band, Astral Navigation, etc. €10 SKU: 20656

DARXTAR TOMBOLA (Swedish Hawkwind/Pink Floyd-style psychologists) SAALE! Label: RECORD HEAVEN Swedish psychologists! Mixing the best elements of HAWKWIND and FLOYD, they bring us a heavy psychedelic journey CD $10 SKU:20598

DEAD MEADOW-THE NOTHING THEY NEED (style influenced by 60's/early 70's psychology) SALE! -Tag:XEMU Another excellent release from Dead Meadow, continuing their own style influenced by 60's Psyche and 70's Hard Rock! The album features eight insane tracks that have disappointed the growing legion of fans. €14 SKU: 19733

FEO-BEDSTE PÅ DEN FEDE MÅDE (popular Danish hippie from the early 70's) SAALE! Label: KARMA MUSIC Danish hippie folk from the early 70's, with a slightly different sound than most Danish bands at the time due to baroque influences. These 24 songs compile Feo's 1971 and 1974 albums entitled Eg Meini Tedh and Filtskolyd. If you like really nice and beautiful folk songs with great acoustic guitar and smooth flutes and don't mind Danish singing either, this is for you. €14 SKU: 21214

FORD'S IMAGINARY INFERNO - Life Without Ourselves (masters of acid psychology!) -Label: CLEAN Exact reproduction of CD 2 of Ford's Imaginary Inferno. No less than 19 breathtaking tracks. Catchy compositions in the style of PSYCH-POP to ACID-FOLK and with some really weird moments. Recommended for fans of Love, early Pink Floyd etc. Originally released in 1997 it is now back by popular demand. €10 SKU: 16183

FOX MEDICINE - GREETINGS FROM MARS SAALE! (Bubble Bubblegum Glitter Fuzz - Label: FORBIDDEN PLACE) Born out of dark matter, this two-part noise unit combines noise, metal and classic rock with a nod to experimental bubblegum pop. Featuring sultry (sometimes spoiled) vocals from Neezy Dynamite and Fuzzy Doom .guitar loaded with vanny keeps on primary drums and synths. For fans of Boris, Classic Metal, Daisy Chainsaw, PJ Harvey, Melvins, Arteaga, Luciferica, T.Rex and Doom Rock. CD$10 SKU: 19665

GNIDROLOG - In Spite of Harry's Toenail with Bonus Tracks and Booklets (1970s UK Progress) - Label: AUDIO FILES Newly remastered from the original master tapes and featuring a previously unreleased bonus track, booklet fully restoring all the original album covers with a new essay . €10 SKU: 15480

HACKENSACK-GIVE IT SOME (Dark 70's Blues Rock) Tag:AUDIO ARCHIVES Repressed CD. Here are 15 previously unreleased tracks recorded between 1969 and 1972. Intended for a planned debut album in Iceland, this material dates from the band's early recording days, highlighting their hard-hitting blues-rock origins. €12 SKU: 19161

HACKENSACK-LIVE-THE HARD WAY (dark 70s Blues Rock) CURRENT! -Tag: BULLS EYE displaced. A stunning, uncensored LIVE SET for Swiss radio, recorded in 1973. It includes 4 bonus tracks recorded live in the same year, including 2 frantic versions of their tour de force "Up The Hard Way". €12 SKU: 19162

HORDE - Press the Button Firmly (Rare Mid-Sixties Garage) with 4 Bonus Tracks -Label: BREAK-A-WAY The rare '60s garage album by North Carolina students in early 1967. Meticulously remastered in KSL. Arguably the most exciting mid-'60s garage album to appear in the genre in recent memory comes from North Carolina's The Horde. The existence of this self-produced album only came to the eyes and ears of collectors a year ago. Recorded more or less by accident in early 1967, released in a micro-run of just 25 copies, and among the local American garage albums of the decade, it is one of the few eclectic examples with everything that sets it apart from the mainstream. . school albums of the time. It contains a mix of stirring originals and well-chosen, inspired covers played in a raw, raw, frantic style. If it was ever true that the exaggerated claim that a band's covers matched the originals, it's true of The Horde. Why? These five 19- to 20-year-old students from the United States not only paved the way for 1960s rock music in then-conservative North Carolina, but also had a general attitude that drew on the mindset of mid-'60s youth that placed it outside the local mainstream and gained a kind of regional underground popularity. The CD has 4 bonus tracks. €12 item number: 15346

INSTANT FLIGHT - ENDLESS JOURNEY (Psych Pop Rock) - Notes: HEADSPIN 2nd album and follow up to their acclaimed debut album 'Colours & Lights' from 2005. INSTANT FLIGHT is a four piece psychedelic pop/rock band from London. He also worked closely with Arthur Brown, the "God of Hell", and formed his backing band - they play on the DVD "Arthur Brown Live at the London Astoria". This second album features 12 glorious psychedelic pop/rock tunes that cling to the mind like bees to honey. All tracks breathe the British freakbeat atmosphere of 1968, yet melodic and timeless, songs full of good lead/slide guitars, mellotron, organs, even 60's R&B harmonica is occasionally present, as well as flute, trombone, trumpet and bouzouki. Some songs feature unique arrangements of pepper and sparkle like the colorful and surreal "Lucy In The Sky With Diamonds," while others float on a Middle Eastern carpet and take you on a journey beyond dreamland. The CD comes with a beautiful and colorful 12-page booklet containing all the lyrics and illustrated with surreal paintings by Marco Magnani, the band's lead singer, guitarist and songwriter. An 'Endless Journey' to 'Dreamland' in a 'Universe in One Verse' heads to 'Back To The Light' where 'The Best Part' of 'Earth Is the Same' features a 'Fading Out' 'Magic Stream' of ' Gentle Waves Of Sound' where we 'party' and 'play like a fool' so we can 'escape' and fly on forever... CD $12 SKU:18751

KIDNAPPERS - RUNNER NOTES AND PHONE CALLS (Nick Lowe/Cheap Trick Style Power Pop!) Label: ALIEN SNATCH! Featuring Spanish Girls 7" (Zaxxon) as a bonus track! Re-release by what is now considered breakout punk album of 2003 by the German trio. "Ransom Notes and Telephone Calls" received rave reviews and fans worldwide and was voted the #1 top Ten charts this year.The CD version comes with the not immediately acclaimed 7" backing on Zaxxon Records, Canada. Both records are out of print so we finally decided to re-release the remastered songs in this new format for all the Johnny Come-Lates and another round of world domination for those schoolmates. It comes with all their hits plus their amazing covers of LOLI & THE CHONES, TEENGENERATE and a song that Brian Hermosillo (The FEVERS) once wrote for them. The KIDNAPPERS took KIDS punk and infused it with undeniable late '70s power-pop, one-hit wonders, that fast-paced '90s Japanese sound and howls of MURDER CITY DEVILS. €14 SKU: 24387

LINDAHL, PETER- PSYCHEDELIC SWEDEN (60s 70s T REX Pink Floyd style) SAALE!Label:TRANSUBSTANS Psychedelic Sweden" is a musical reflection on when Peter joined the growing alternative community in Sweden in the late 60s and started recording more psychedelic stuff, his favorites at the time were Tyrannosaurus Rex, Pugh Rogefeldt and Pink Floyd Complete story by Tobias Pettersson in extensive booklet with a fold out poster of Peter on the back CD $10 SKU: 22339

FAMILY OF THE LORD - COMPLETE RECORDINGS OF SCHLOSSL (legendary hippie community band from 1971) SAALE!~Label:SIREENA This CD contains all audio recordings of the legendary German hippie community band from the years 1971-1974. Lord's Family was a rural and musical commune, then living in an old castle called Das Schlössl. The group's mystical and ecological self-image, being one of the first bands to combine German lyrics with idiosyncratic music, made them pioneers of the ecological and green movement. €14 SKU: 24413

LUTHER -N- THE B.B.B.'S-BEST OF VOL #2, (New York Power Pop) Label: JARGON The B.B.B.'s (Bothered By Boredom) is a power pop band from Rochester, New York with vocalist and guitarist Luther Holtzman is the one constant in an ever-changing lineup. Although the group formed at the University of Rochester in the early 1980s and maintained an intermittent presence on the local scene thereafter, it wasn't until 1998 that B.B.B. was published. This is the second one, it features great tracks that combine Chuck Berry style with British invasion influenced rock 'n' roll. €17 SKU: 22673

MACARTHUR - ST (1979 US Basement Psychic-Progressive Freak) SAALE! Label: OUT SIDER Progressive psychic monster from America's basement, released in 1979 as an ultra-rare private edition of 200 copies. MacArthur was formed when a young guitarist and songwriter named Ben MacArthur met a 17-year-old child prodigy named Bill Heffelfinger in Saginaw, Michigan in 1978. Bill was not only a talented guitarist, but also a brilliant arranger and keyboard player. When Ben showed him some of the stuff he had written, Bill took the songs and turned them into pieces of classical music. They soon recruited Jeff Bauer on bass and Scott Stockford on drums. MacArthur chemistry was born. MacArthur's first album, known to collectors as The Black Forest after the 1980s vinyl bootleg of the same name, was recorded in 1979 on a four-track machine. Produced by Bill Heffelfinger, MacArthur is a progressive/psychedelic concept album punctuated by heartbreaking fuzz guitar solos and mini-moog/synth attacks. €15 SKU: 17694

MIDNIGHT TRAVELLERS - UNCOMMON SENSE (The best Spanish hard rock band of the 70's.) Label:WILD PUNK Debut album of the best Spanish hard rock band of the 70's, heavily influenced by classics like Zeppelin, The Who and Black Crowes. Recorded at legendary Blind Studios, this album sounds like thunder. Great "on the road" feeling and a great guitar. €10 SKU: 22337

MUZO MINEIROS-Seriously.. is that a fact? (Dutch garage psychology of the 1960s) - Label: DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB The official release of "Really... Is That A Fact?" on Down At The Nightclub Records. Some copies of this CD were already released by the band as a promotional CD in 2013. The CD features Lee (vocals and guitar), GJ (drums), Marc (bass), Wannes (guitar), Corn Biekens (lead guitar on #4) and The Salsa Kid (trumpets on #4, #9 and #1). .12). . . . . The CD contains an eight-page booklet. 13 sizzling guitar songs are offered, sometimes stomping, fuzzing and garage rock, sometimes melodic or even melancholic, but always with conviction, persuasiveness and depth. You hear influences from the past, you hear a hint of the 60's or 70's, but it's definitely a contemporary sound. The miners dig deep again. The title refers to an old quote by J.R. Ewing (Dallas). €14 SKU: 19410

MINERS OF MUZO-LOVE & LIFE PART 2: DIGGIN' THE FUTURE (2CDR) HANDMADE AUTOGRAPHED DBL CD BOXSET Label:DOWN AT THE NIGHTCLUB Remembering the love of Gert Jan Smits (r.i.p. 2013), a skilled engineer, a great one drummer and a good man. The box set is handcrafted by the band and released in a limited edition of 85 numbered copies. Each copy is autographed by Lee (vocals, guitar), Marc (bass) and Hanz (guitar), the remaining members of the band. €15 SKU: 19411

MOBBS - GARAGE PUNK FOR BOYS SAALE! Label: CRAVAT From the ashes of legendary Argentinian duo Sandhy & Mandhy, who recorded the extremely rare and popular 1969 album Para Castukis (reissued by Lion Productions on vinyl and CD), an album full of rhythm and psychedelic influences, comes this resurrection by Mandhy from his "Celestial Stories". Alberto Vanasco Jr. (Mandhy) continues his musical story with twelve songs written between 1968 and 1978. Recorded with the analog essence and sound of the 70's, with vintage instruments like the Farfisa and Hammond organ and fuzz guitar. It has Argentinian rock legends Nexus as its backing band. An album that brings together all the defining elements of Argentine rock: psychedelia, heavy blues, classic rock and progressive rock. Incredible $10 CD SKU: 20698

SUN & THE WOLF-SALUTATIONS (fuzz-driven psychic Beatles-era) SAALE! -Label: WORLD IN SOUND Salutations, his second feature film, once again opens the doors to a wonderland of psychedelia. The nine tracks explore the darkest realms of fuzz psychedelia with catchy riffs and nods to the Beatles' lysergic era. "Greetings" offers an exciting and unexpectedly colorful spectrum over the entire duration! €10 SKU: 21754

CORNFLAKE ZOO # 21-23 Top Examples of 60's Rhythm (Freak), Garage Rock & Psychedelic Pop Tag: PARTICLES 23 top examples of 60's Rhythm (Freak), Garage Rock & Psychedelic Pop at their finest, recorded by the most modern bands from e.g. Netherlands, Denmark, Germany and Portugal! COMPO CD $17 SKU:23262

DIE TODAY - VA (RARE 60S GARAGE) - Label: TOMBSTONE RECORDS 24-track collection of rare and exceptional '60s US garage tracks featuring '60s punk, teen garage cool and 1960s anthems for moody teenagers. Many tracks compiled for the first time and all tracks on CD for the first time.* COMP CD $14 SKU:24491


BE ALERT! -THE SCENE OF SAN DIEGO 1958-1973 seal: RELAMPAGO-GO Covering genres sa rockabilly, R&B, surf and related instruments, garage rock, psychedelia and more, here are 33 tracks from San Diego's rich and vibrant music scene between 1958 and 1973. The CD comes with a 36-page booklet filled with band biographies, photos and detailed liner notes by Mike Stax and a foreword by Andy Rasmussen. Bonuses include radio spots, local spots and live segments. T COMP CD $21 SKU:24230

PAISLEY POLKA DOT PICNIC PARTY- VA (Garage Psychologist of the Medway Scene) – Label: BRAND MEDWAY Special budget collection of garage and psychedelic bands representing the so-called “Medway Scene” including bands like: THE EFFECTIVES, THE LOVEDAYS, BRESSLAWS, CESAROS DE SAWDUST, THE VANDEBILTS AND THE DECCAS. Some great paisley psych and garagypop bands perform here... COMP CD $10 SKU:10309

ELECTRIC LEMONADE ACID TEST - VA Vol 3 (60's/70's UK Psych Pop - A Spark Label 1967-1970 Anthology) - Label: TENTH PLANET IMPORT in a series of dark digs in the UK underground psych pop scene, beginning in the late 60's reunited by early 60's 70's. Here we have an anthology of 17 SPARK label titles including highly collectible popsike nuggets from ELMER GANTRY'S VELVET OPERA, FRUIT MACHINE, ICARUS, THE EGGY, TIMOTHY BLUE, JUST WILLIAM, THE BABY, CARYTER-ALQUIST and others. Suberp 'Rubble' style cover with accompanying lyrics detailing the history of the label and all bands. 190 gram vinyl, 1000 copies COMP LP $22 SKU:24290

AMPEX -ST (67 garage IYL Yardbirds/Raiders/Byrds etc-SAALE Label: MUNSTER A classic garage LP from the Colombian scene, originally released in 1967, returns on vinyl. It features great covers of well-known songs by The Yardbirds, The Raiders, The Rolling Stones, The Byrds, The Hunters, Lovin' Spoonful and The Easybeats, this was the second and final album from The Ampex.LP $26 SKU:24375

BIKINI WIPEOUTS-ETERNO VERANO AL SOL (60's teen pop style Label: FAMILY SPREE The Bikini Wipeouts release their debut album with fourteen tracks, full of instrosurf, melodic vocals, reverb and fuzz. An album full of pop melodies and teen spirit Roberto Arguelles LP Sixties is $19 SKU:23288

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What happens if there are more imports? ›

If imports exceed exports, the country or area has a trade deficit and its trade balance is said to be negative.

What happens when the US imports more goods than it exports? ›

A trade deficit is an economic condition that occurs when a country is importing more goods than it is exporting. The trade deficit is calculated by taking the value of goods being imported and subtracting it by the value of goods being exported.

Is it better for a country to export more or to import more? ›

When a country exports more goods and services than it imports, it creates a trade surplus. A trade surplus can represent a healthy economy, as it demonstrates a positive flow of currency from foreign entities. Meanwhile, a country that imports more than it exports represents a trade deficit.

What does an increase in imports mean? ›

Imports impact the economy in several aspects. For example, at the micro level, imports affect competition by increasing supply in the domestic market. Consequently, there is more pressure on prices and profitability in the domestic market. Advertisement. On the other hand, imports increase choices for consumers.

Why are imports good for the economy? ›

Moreover, imports increase consumer choice, and help keep prices low raising the purchasing power for consumers. Imports also provide high quality inputs for American businesses helping companies and their U.S. employees become or remain highly competitive in both domestic and foreign markets.

Is it bad if a country imports more than exports? ›

A country has a trade deficit when the value of its imports exceeds the value of its exports. The impacts of trade deficits are frequently over-simplified. Trade deficits can be damaging but they also bring welcome economic benefits.

What is the effect of too many imports on the economy? ›

When there are too many imports coming into a country in relation to its exports—which are products shipped from that country to a foreign destination—it can distort a nation's balance of trade and devalue its currency.

What happens when a country imports too much? ›

The effect of excessive imports is said to be the purchase of cheaper foreign goods by domestic consumers rather than purchasing the slightly more expensive domestic varieties. As demand for domestic firms' products falls, these firms are forced to downsize, resulting in the layoff of domestic workers.

How can we fix the US trade deficit? ›

The current account deficit could be reduced by boosting domestic savings (i.e., reducing domestic consumption and government budget deficits) or reducing foreign investment (i.e., reducing borrowing from abroad).

Who benefits from imports? ›

Importing and exporting products can be highly beneficial for businesses today. While importing can help small and medium businesses develop and expand by reaching larger markets abroad, exporting can increase the profits of medium and large businesses.

Why imports are important? ›

Imports are important for the economy because they allow a country to supply nonexistent, scarce, high cost, or low-quality certain products or services, to its market with products from other countries.

Are imports or exports more important to the US? ›

The US has a decades-long trade deficit, importing far more goods and services than it exports. The balance of imports and exports impacts GDP, exchange rates, and inflation levels. The US is the largest importer in the world, and the second-largest exporter (next to China).

What causes import prices to increase? ›

Imported inflation and the exchange rate

First, the prices of goods and services produced overseas rise relative to those produced domestically. Consequently, consumers pay more to buy the same imported products and firms that rely on imported materials in their production processes pay more to buy these inputs.

What are examples of imports? ›

Imports can be finished products, like cars, TV sets, computers, or sneakers, or they can be raw materials, such as zinc, oil, wood, or grains. They can also be services, like financial services, travel services, and insurance. Imports are a vital part of the U.S. and global economy.

Does more imports increase inflation? ›

Imports and exchange rate

A depreciation in the exchange rate tends to increase inflationary pressure because: Imports become more expensive. Exports and AD increase causing demand-pull inflation.

What are two benefits of importing? ›

Advantages of Importing

There are many but the main benefits of importing include: Introducing new merchandise to a market that can't receive the product otherwise. The reduction in manufacturing costs. Providing countries with a quality imported good.

Does imports increase economic growth? ›

The national economic development policies are formulated based on the economies of other countries in other to assist them to meets their needs. Thus, international trade is one of the factors that can increase the level of economic growth.

How do imports benefit consumers? ›

Lowering prices for consumers.

Trade lowers domestic prices; improves resource allocation through specialization; lowers profit margins of domestic producers and increases operating efficiency of domestic firms through increased competition.

What is it called when you have more imports than exports? ›

If the value of exports exceeds the value of imports, it is said that there is a trade surplus; if imports are greater than exports, the country has a trade deficit.

What is it called when imports are greater than exports? ›

A trade deficit occurs when a country's imports exceed its exports during a given time period. It is also referred to as a negative balance of trade (BOT).

Which country has no debt? ›

The best example can be taken from Hong Kong (it is a one of the debt free countries), whose economy has the least debt to GDP ratio.

Do imports affect demand? ›

Imports can affect a country's exchange rate because the level of imports and exports influences the demand for the currency. To buy goods from a country, you need that country's currency.

Why do countries try to limit imports? ›

Many countries restrict imports in order to shield domestic markets from foreign competition. Such behavior is known as protectionism. Countries do this mainly to satisfy political demands at home. There are many types of trade barriers.

Can a country survive without imports? ›

Answer: No country in the world is self-sufficient in all its needs. Goods produced by one country are required by the other and vice versa. Hence differences in resources, needs and development among nations create conditions for international trade between them.

Why is the US trade deficit so high? ›

A recovery in the U.S. travel and transportation sector after the pandemic also pushed up exports of American services. The overall volume of U.S. imports remained much larger than exports, however, resulting in a trade deficit.

Who has the largest trade deficit? ›

This statistic shows the 20 countries with the highest trade balance deficit worldwide in 2021. In 2021, the United States reported the highest trade balance deficit with approximately 1.18 trillion U.S. dollars.

Is the US trade deficit growing or shrinking? ›

The trade deficit decreased 21.0% to $61.5 billion, the lowest level since September 2020, the Commerce Department said on Thursday. The percentage decline in the trade gap was the largest since February 2009. Imports tumbled 6.4% to $313.4 billion, with goods dropping 7.5% to $254.9 billion.

Does imports affect economic growth? ›

In contrast, primary imports can accelerate economic growth, as they can be used as inputs in domestic production.

What is one effect of excessive imports by the US? ›

What is one effect of excessive imports by the U.S.? A. Excessive imports by the U.S. can cause the value of the dollar to decline, making imports cost more.

What are the risks of importing goods? ›

If you are an importer, you may need to take into account:
  • possible loss of or damage to goods in transit.
  • supplier problems, including failure to supply.
  • transport delays and potential hold-ups at ports.
  • the risk of performance or health and safety problems.
  • import duties.
  • storage of goods in bonded warehouses.

What are reasons to limit imports? ›

Governments may opt to impose tariffs for a multitude of reasons, including the following:
  • To protect nascent industries.
  • To fortify national defense programs.
  • To support domestic employment opportunities.
  • To combat aggressive trade policies.
  • To protect the environment.

Do imports affect supply or demand? ›

As the price of the good increases, Home consumers demand less, while Home producers supply more, so that the demand for imports declines. As the price of the good rises, Foreign producers supply more while Foreign consumers demand less, so that the supply available for export rises.

Are imports negative or positive? ›

“As measured by GDP,” the reporter explained, “exports are positive for economic growth, while imports are negative.”

How much does the US rely on imports? ›

In 2022, the United States imported goods valuing around 3.31 trillion U.S. dollars from international trading partners, in comparison the value of goods exported from the United States to other countries amounted to around 2.1 trillion U.S. dollars.

Why is imports bad for the environment? ›

Imported food at the supermarket often travels thousands of miles to get there, all through lengthy truck and plane trips. This not only causes massive fuel consumption and pollution, but also involves the need for facilities such as refrigeration that consumers vast amounts of energy.

What is the impact of imports on the US economy? ›

Imports and exports can affect a country's Gross Domestic Product (GDP), its exchange rate, and its level of inflation and interest rates. This, in turn, can make goods and services more expensive or create jobs and stimulate domestic production.

Will imports increase money supply? ›

Key Takeaways

A country with a high demand for its goods tends to export more than it imports, increasing demand for its currency. A country that imports more than it exports will have less demand for its currency.

Does importing goods cause inflation? ›

Impact of import price can have direct and indirect effect on inflation. If import price of raw materials is increased, the price of goods and services in the domestic market also increase.


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