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Tarawera Ultramarathon by UTMB – Rotorua, New Zealand

Around 5,000 runners participated in the different races of the event.The 102K Run That iRunFar Covered Extensively, was again the best distance, but the 100 miles and 50 km also had some star power.

The 102 km race was in 2023western states 100Golden Ticket Race, in which two tickets each are awarded to the top male and female finishers.

While race days have had good weather this year, previous storms have caused problems on the regular 102km and 100 mile courses, forcing them to change routes at the last minute. We believe that the 50 km and 21 km races were held on their normal routes.


The first seven women finished in quick succession.nancy jiang(New Zealand) led this group by 9:26 but came close. Jiang just pushedStephanie Austin(Australia) for 81 seconds. Austin finished in 9:27.Aroa Sio(Spain) was third at 9:30, with just 11 minutes separating the top five women.

Nancy Jiang, Tarawera por UTMB 102k-Meisterin 2023. Photo: Graeme Murray

The gap between men at the top was greater thandaniel jones(New Zealand) andHayden Hawks(USA) took off. In the end, Jones passed Hawks with a final time of 7:27, a far cry from Hawks and everyone else. Hawks followed at 7:42, andRyan Montgomery(USA) moved up to third on an 8-11 run.

Where just 11 minutes separated the top five women, the men's gap was 56 minutes thanks to Jones' smoke.

complete results.

Daniel Jones, Tarawera for UTMB 102k-Champion 2023. Photo: Graeme Murray

The next Western States 100 Golden Ticket Race will take place next weekendBlack Canyon 100kin Arizona, which we'll cover later in this article.

100 for us

BothLucy Bartholomaus(Australia) andZach Muller(USA) led throughout their careers.

Bartholomew captured the women's crown in 17:13.Kimino Miyazaki(Japan) andKatie Wright(New Zealand) were next on the podium with 17:54 and 18:19.

Miller drove his first 100 miles out ofUTMB, and on decidedly different terrain he ran a fast time of 14:41.Hajime Mamba(Japan) finished second in 15:11, andNicolas Bamford(Great Britain) was third at 15:32.

complete results.

Zach Miller on course to win the 2023 UTMB Tarawera 100 Mile. Photo: Paul Charteris


allie mclaughlin(us andDavid Hauschmidt(New Zealand) set new course records at 3:43 and 3:33 respectively.

The top four women arrived in less than four hours on the fast course, and McLaughlin was 10 minutes better than the previous course leader. previous record holderCaitlin Fielder(New Zealand) was second in 3:47, andkate avery(Great Britain) was third at 3:54.

Haunschmidt took control of the men's race in the second half, opening up a seven-minute lead over everyone else. Second placepeter pig(Poland) ended in 3:40, andcarlos hamilton(Australia) was just 45 seconds behind Babis in third, also at 3:40.

complete results.

Allie McLaughlin defeats Tarawera 2023 by UTMB 50k. Photo: Sportsman

Additional races and races

The Coastal Challenge - Costa Rica

The six-day stage race always packs some star power, and for the women, it was a rematch of last year's top spot.UTMB.Kathie Schide(us andMarianne Hogan(Canada) led the women's race and both finished together on the first day. Schide won on day two and Hogan was sidelined on day three with an ankle injury. It was tight for men at first.Matthias Blanhard(France) was consistently aheadDidrik Hermannsen(Norway) on stages one, two and three before Hermansen won on day four and broke Blanchard on day five. Hermansen won the fifth stage of the race by 21 minutes. At the end of the week and after 236 km, Schide and Hermansen were champions. Schide scored 30:30 and Hermansen finished in 24:26, 22 minutes better than Blanchard.complete results.

Katie Schide leaps to victory at the 2023 Coastal Challenge. Photo: @iancorlessphotography

Coastal Challenge 2023 men's podium (from left to right): 2nd Mathieu Blanchard, 1st Didrik Hermansen and 3rd Daniel Jung. Photo: @iancorlessphotography

Dubai Marathon 10km – Dubai, United Arab Emirates

Gerda Stein(South Africa) kicked themTwo Oceans MarathonYmarathon comradesGet ready for a 10k run here at 33:44.complete results.

Taipei-Ultramarathon — Taipei, Taiwan

Josiah "Jo" Zakrzewski(Great Britain) set a new 48-hour world record in this event.iRunFar reported separately with more details on performance. She ran 255.7 miles during the timed race, and that also makes her the new British record holder, regardless of gender.complete results.

Jo Zakrzewski during his successful 48-hour world record attempt at the 2023 Taipei ultramarathon. Photo: Ming-Te Lin

50 rocosos — Huntsville, Texas

A week after the 100-mile race, the Tejas Trails team returned to Huntsville State Park.Kelly SwansonYJacob Riemerwon the 50-mile race in 7:47 and 7:11, andMelissa metYAndreas Masciohe led the 50K in 4:40 and 3:42.complete results.

Pemberton Trail 50 km e 25 km – McDowell Mountain Regional Park, Arizona

susana raisesYRoy Piersonhe won the 50 km in 4:29 and 3:38 respectively.remiboughtYBrianna Troksahe took top spots in the 25K in 1:45 and 1:49.Complete results (when available).

Susan Loken, the winner of the Pemberton Trail 50km Women 2023. Photo: Pemberton Trail 50km

Roy Pierson, the winner of the 2023 Men's Pemberton Trail 50K. Photo: Pemberton Trail 50km

Aconcagua Ultra 100 km Trail – Aconcagua Provincial Park, Argentina

Debates by RagnaYAlexei Tolstenkohe won the 100 km race in 12:31 and 10:45.Complete results.

Next weekend - Black Canyon 100k - Mayer, Arizona

HeBlack Canyon 100klooks great, a preseason matchup. The big game is again the Golden Ticket Race, so the top two finishers in the women's and men's races earn a spot in thewestern states 100June in California.


  • Shea Aquilano– 3rd 2022 JFK 50 miles
  • Jade Belzberg– 1. 2023 Calico Trail Run 50 km
  • Sarah Bihl– 1st 2022 JFK 50 miles
  • dowry of the country– 2. 2022 Rabbit Race 100 Mile Race
  • keely henninger- 1. 2022 Gorge Falls 50k
  • heather jackson– 5. 2022 Javelin 100 Us
  • Yngvild Kaspersen(Noruega) – 1° 2022 Flagstaff Sky Peaks 50k
  • Delicious kaci dough– 4. 2022 Javelin 100 Us
  • ailsa mcdonald(Canada) – 2nd place 2022 Western States 100
  • meghan morgan4. Flag 100k 2022
  • ida nilson(Sweden) – 2nd place Trail World Championship 2022 80 km
  • georgia goalkeeper– 1. 2022 McDowell Mountain Frenzy 50 Meile
  • blake salaried- 3. 2021 Leadville 100 miles


  • eliot cardin(Canada) – 3. Platz 2020 Black Canyon 100 km
  • makai clemons– 2nd 2022 JFK 50 miles
  • Anton Costales– 1. 2023 Arches Ultra 50k
  • tom evans(Great Britain) – 3rd place 2019 Western States 100
  • Tim Freriks– 1. 2022 Corona Rey Scramble 50k
  • Stefan Kersch– 16.UTMB 2022
  • Janosch Kowalczyk(Germany) – 1st Mozart 2022 for UTMB 100k
  • ryan molinero- 1. 2022 Gorge Falls 50k
  • bobby peavey– 6.50 miles from Lake Sonoma 2019
  • Matthew Seidel– 4th 2022 JFK 50 miles
  • Eric Sensemann– 2. Platz 2021 Black Canyon 100 km
  • ryan smith– 1. Dobadoura West Line 2022 50k
  • Erik Sorenson– 2. Platz 2022 Speedgoat 50k
  • Tyler Veerman– 3. 2022 Moab al rojo vivo 55k
  • cole watson- 3. 2021 Javelin 100 Us
  • tree canyon– 3. Flag 100k 2023

Ryan Miller is also signed up for the same day.FOUR mediocre 50,000, which we're teasing below, but hinted on social media that he'll be at the Black Canyon 100k.

Complete list of participants.

Next weekend - FOURmidable 50k - Auburn, California

Double the fun! We make two advances. This is a selection race for Team USA that will compete in June 2023Trail World Championshipsin Austria. The top two men and women earn a spot on the 40K team.


  • arco allison– 2. 2022 Moab al rojo vivo 55k
  • Ashley Brasovan– 2nd place 2022 Very cool 50k
  • kimber mattox- 2. 2022 Chuckanut 50k
  • Kristina Randup– 2. Quad Dipsea 2022
  • emma kay sullivan- First 2022 Very cool 50k
  • Rahel Tomajczyk- 2. 2022 Platz USA Hill Climb Championship
  • Yi Ou Wang- 1. 2019 North Face Endurance Challenge 50 Mile Championship


  • jonathan aziz– 1. Pikes-Peak-Maratona 2022
  • seth demoor– 1. Pikes-Peak-Maratona 2021
  • Morgan Elliot– 3. Platz der US Mountain Running Championships 2022
  • Nick Handel– 1. Quad Dipsea 2022
  • ryan molinero- 1. 2022 Gorge Falls 50k
  • Seth Ruhling– 1. 2021 Arrow Route 48k

Complete list of participants.

As mentioned in our previous Black Canyon 100k preview, Ryan Miller is on both entry lists but has indicated that he plans to compete in the Black Canyon 100k.

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It's Valentine's Day and I'm going back to February 2021 to "Meeting my Elisabet Barnes."It was so much fun writing these 'Catch Up' articles while waiting out the lack of racing during the COVID-19 pandemic, they are such interesting and diverse topics and I can't believe you didn't get a single comment! Let's not do this! some kind words below for this Valentine's Day issue.

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